Virtual PC VHD to Bootable VHD How-To

I’ve been trying to put together a bootable VHD within Virtual PC for a couple weeks now, and while I’ve gotten the VM configured to my liking, I’ve been missing the step to convert that VM’s VHD into a generalized, bootable image.

Finally, I’ve found the answer I’ve been looking for:

Btw. you can exchange physically booted VHD file with Virtual PC VHD files. All you need to do is running
sysprep /generalize /oobe.
Also the OS needs to be 32-Bit because of Virtual PC.

Looks like this is a great all-around guide to setting up a bootable VHD as well, so be sure to check out the rest of the guide if you’re thinking about setting up your own VHD:

MSDN Blogs > knom’s developer corner > Windows 7 – VHD Boot – Setup Guideline

For more info on configuring VHDs and their benefits, check out these links:

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