VMware Tools Don’t Work in Ubuntu 8.10

Found these two links to information about VMware Tools not working with Ubuntu 8.10. I’ve been looking for a solution to this myself since testing with Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 5…

From the FAQ:

Tools compile cleanly on 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) but do not work

There are several aspects to this – soft ungrab not working, mouse clicks being displaced, vmware-user not starting (and so Unity and other dependent features don’t work).


Soft ungrab not working and mouse clicks being displaced are known Ubuntu vmmouse bugs. An update is not yet available.

vmware-user not starting appears to be related to Intrepid’s autostart format having changed. A workaround is to go to System > Preferences > Sessions in the Ubuntu desktop menu and add /usr/bin/vmware-user as a startup command.

open-vm-tools may also work.


  1. Harald says:

    I have dropped the use of vmware in favour of virtualbox – performance for WinXP client was sooo unbearable, and virtualbox hums like a bee for me.

  2. Frederik Vos says:

    i don’t know or you already found a solution. I’m using the open-vm-tools like you suggested. (http://www.l4l.be/docs/virt/openvmtools_ubuntu810.php)

    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r` build-essential g++ dkms xorg-dev libgtk2.0-dev libdumbnet-dev libicu-dev

    wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/open-vm-tools/open-vm-tools-2008.12.23-137496.tar.gz?modtime=1230042211&big_mirror=0

    sudo dkms add -m open-vm-tools -v 2008.12.23
    sudo dkms build -m open-vm-tools -v 2008.12.23 -k `uname -r`
    sudo dkms install -m open-vm-tools -v 2008.12.23 -k `uname -r`
    cd open-vm-tools-2008.12.23-137496
    ./configure –disable-unity –without-kernel-modules
    sudo make install

    1. Marshall says:

      But will this work with Unity? I see you have -disable-unity in the ./configure options. I’d really like to get Ubuntu working with Unity.

  3. Raffi says:

    Hi Harold,
    I tried your solution but when I try to run:
    sudo dkms add -m open-vm-tools -v 2008.12.23

    I get “command not found”.

    Any ideas?



    1. Sami says:

      Try sudo ./dkm add -m open- …

      executables are run that way sometimes.

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