SundryBuzz: How to soften new sheets

I’ve gotta try this myself…

I bought some new sheets recently, ran them through a regular wash cycle before putting them on our bed, and immediately thought, wait, did I accidentally buy a negative thread count? They were so stiff and almost scratchy. After doing some hunting online, I did the following:

• Washed them on the hottest setting
• Used no detergent (the idea is that new sheets have chemicals on them and detergent just makes it worse)
• Added lots of fabric softener
• Dumped in a cup or so of baking soda during the wash cycle
• Took them out of the dryer as soon as they were dry, rather than leaving them to sit in there for a while


SundryBuzz: Two Tricks for Taking Good Group Photos

Great article from SundryBuzz about taking good group photos:

It’s difficult to get a group photo without most of the participants looking as if their captors were forcing them to look natural for the security cameras. In my family, we have two tricks for getting good group shots. The right trick to use depends on what type of situation you are trying to photograph.

(via Two Tricks for Taking Good Group Photos)