Pacific Northwest Parkour Association

Cool stuff!

Who We Are:

The Pacific Northwest Parkour Association is a non-profit organization chartered by Northwest traceurs (Parkour practitioners) to further these goals:

  • Foster collaboration among Parkour communities
  • Educate new traceurs and the general public about Parkour
  • Build confidence through safe and effective Parkour training
  • Encourage overall fitness and healthy living in our communities

The PNWPA supports community projects that contribute to a healthier world. This includes coordinating and participating in cleanup and building/rebuilding efforts in our public places, particularly those where we enjoy practicing Parkour. We also offer guidance and support for Parkour training, including providing assistance to schools wishing to teach Parkour as part of a physical education curriculum

We are moving fast, but just getting started! Stay tuned for more information on membership and upcoming events!


Update: There’s also a Flickr photo pool here:

that’sfit: What is Parkour?)

Awesome! Sounds like word about Parkour is making its way into the mainstream…

In the most recent James Bond film, Casino Royale, viewers are treated to an amazing demonstration of agility and physical prowess — and no, ladies, I’m not referring to actor Daniel Craig’s formidable physique. Rather, early in the film an extended, nail-biting action sequence takes place, showcasing the acrobatic and almost gravity-defying abilities possessed by practitioners of the physical art form known as Parkour.

Founded by David Belle in France, Parkour (which means “the art of displacement” in English) is an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, principally using the abilities of the human body. It is meant to help a person overcome obstacles found in their surrounding environment — from tree branches and large rocks to metal railings and concrete walls.

(via that’sfit: What is Parkour?)

Mister Parkour

This guy (Adam Dunlap) teaches a Parkour class in Portland, which I’ve been taking for the past two weeks. The class is really fun, and he’s really good at Parkour: