Spike.com linked to my GTA IV Post!

Wow, check it out: http://www.spike.com/blog/top-nine-video-game/89661

Spike.com: The Top Eight Video Game Bugs That Made the Game Better

The #8 “video game bug that made the game better” on that page is the Grand Theft Auto 4 swingset glitch that I posted about last August, along with a link to my post about it (“In GTA4, there’s a location where you can leave a car and it’ll promptly explode…”). The next Monday (11/23), I received 746 hits for that page alone. Damn!

And…to give you some context, this is the graph of that page’s activity:

Yeah, just a couple more hits than usual. 😉

Of course, the next day, it went down to its normal number of views. Still pretty cool, though. =)


Run Windows Apps from your Existing Windows Partition in Linux « Mohammad Azimi

Found this article from a linkback to my post “Feature: Seamlessly Run Linux Apps on Your Windows Desktop“…

I saw a post this morning showing you can run Windows applications from a virtual Windows install on your Linux Desktop. Although this may seem like it’s not that big of a deal, anyone who virtualizes another OS such as Windows from within VMware knows it can
sometimes be a hassle to switch between your Linux desktop and the Windows one since you only have access to application windows within each OS and your Guest OS is limited to running within the VMware window. The advantage of integrating the guest OS into your existing desktop allows you to easily switch between different applications and use applications side by side regardless of what OS they are on. As you can see in the pic above (click to enlarge), this method gives you access to the StartMenu from your Linux desktop as well as placing guest OS applications in the Gnome panel. The original website provided a method that needed some modification to work for me. Additionally, the following guide will show you how to safely set this up on an existing Windows partition.

(more via: Run Windows Apps from your Existing Windows Partition in Linux « Mohammad Azimi)

Regarding Base-64: Trying to solve an ASP.NET issue…

Update: Thanks to WordPress.com automagically linking related posts to each other, I think I may have found a potential solution to this issue here: Invalid character in a Base-64 string (ASP.NET)

The problem seems to be with the ViewState. The ViewState is encrypted, and when an attempt is made to decrypt it on postback, the error is triggered.  The solution is actually quite simple: in the web.config file, set the ViewState not to be encrypted, like this:

<pages viewStateEncryptionMode=”Never”>

You should really check out the rest of that article; it looks like it’s got a great explanation for what is actually occurring.

Also, this seems to be related to another message, “Invalid Viewstate.”

My original article is below the fold…