America’s Unhappiest Cities: Portland, Oregon is #1!

Supposedly my hometown, Portland, Oregon, is the unhappiest city in the United States. Oh, bother… 😉

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Portland, Ore.

  • Overall rank: 1*
  • Depression rank: 1
  • Suicide rank: 12
  • Crime (property and violent) rank: 24
  • Divorce rate rank: 4
  • Cloudy days: 222
  • Unemployment rate (December 2008): 7.8%

(via America’s Unhappiest Cities: Portland, Ore. – BusinessWeek.)

Ridiculous Subversion Behavior

Damn SVN

Yesterday, I attempted to move some of our content from a local filestore into our main subversion repository. I copied the files to my computer, all 22472.67 megabytes of it, and used TortoiseSVN to import the data to our repository.

Being that it was over 22GB of data, I expected it to take a very long time, and it did, 310 minutes and 3 seconds (approx. 5.2 hours). What I didn’t expect was that TortoiseSVN neglected to check for commit/import requirements *before* the import process and waited 5.2 hours, after all the data had been transferred, to tell me:

Error: WHOOPS! Insufficient Log Message. Must be greater than 10 characters.

Wow. Whoops, I just wasted 5 hours of my computing time and network bandwidth to import 22GB of data that was immediately reverted *after* the whole process should have been completed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Subversion to death, and TortoiseSVN is an awesome client. This behavior, though, seems pretty ridiculous to me.

What do you think?

Brilliant Packaging (Packaging FAIL)

Packaging Fail

I can’t quite convey how sarcastic I am when I say “Brilliant Packaging”. This is the shit we had to deal with when we ordered a replacement hard drive for my laptop from I just opened the worthless packaging and found my *dented* hard drive, ready to go.

When we called the customer service line to demand a replacement, they said they couldn’t guarantee proper packaging on the next shipment.

Needless to say, we took our business elsewhere and so should you.

Screw NewEgg.