Keyboard Geekery

Ok, I’m hooked. I’ve been using the Kinesis Advantage at work for a couple days now, and both my typing speed and accuracy have improved.

As much as I love this keyboard, I can’t quite justify the price ($299), but I’ve been really wanting to get a keyboard with mechanical (clicky) switches for a long time, and I finally found a good compromise.

A huge part of the appeal of the Kinesis keyboard to me is the feel of the keyswitches, which happen to be Cherry MX Browns. I had looked in to getting the Das Keyboard S Ultimate Silent, which has the same keyswitches, but wanted to get something less expensive, and preferably wireless.

It just so happens that there is exactly *one* keyboard that meets those criteria, the X-Armor U9W, which I just picked up on Amazon. 


If you’re interested, here’s a link to the product page on Amazon:

…and here’s what it sounds like:
(same switches, different keyboard)
Yep, I’m a *huge* geek. =)


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