Aperture, I am disappoint.

After wrestling with Aperture’s Flickr integration for weeks, I thought it might be worthwhile to explain why my photostream has been so erratic lately. =P

As I sorted and processed photos I had taken during my trip to China, I used the Aperture Flickr export/upload tool to begin transferring my photos to Flickr, and I had assumed that it would upload the photos, in order, to the sets I had created for each album… this assumption was incorrect.

Every few times I attempted to upload photos, Aperture would hang during the upload process, and I’d force quit. When I investigated my Flickr stream, I found that some of the sets hadn’t been created (not a big deal), that most photos were uploaded to my stream at least two or three times each (big deal), and that all of my photos had been uploaded out of order (infuriating).

I heard that a recent Aperture patch had fixed this issue, so I removed all of my previously uploaded photos (some which had already been commented on and shared with others, unfortunately), installed the patch, and re-attempted the upload.

This time, two sets uploaded in the correct order, so I thought it would work with a larger album (about 400 photos from Shanghai). During the upload, I noticed that Aperture had frozen, again, and I force-quit the application, again.

And, again, my Flickr stream was mangled. Lots of duplicates, most photos out of order, no set created, and when I opened Aperture the next time, it attempted to “finish” the last sync session…which mangled my stream even more.

At this point, I’ve given up on Aperture’s Flickr “integration” (which is giving it too much credit), and I’m going to upload the rest manually through Flickr Uploadr.

I’ll give Aperture credit for being an otherwise solid photo management application, but this experience makes me wish I’d chosen Lightroom instead. =(

(tl;dr – Don’t use Aperture Flickr sync, it’s buggy as hell and will screw up your stream.)

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