Spike.com linked to my GTA IV Post!

Wow, check it out: http://www.spike.com/blog/top-nine-video-game/89661

Spike.com: The Top Eight Video Game Bugs That Made the Game Better

The #8 “video game bug that made the game better” on that page is the Grand Theft Auto 4 swingset glitch that I posted about last August, along with a link to my post about it (“In GTA4, there’s a location where you can leave a car and it’ll promptly explode…”). The next Monday (11/23), I received 746 hits for that page alone. Damn!

And…to give you some context, this is the graph of that page’s activity:

Yeah, just a couple more hits than usual. 😉

Of course, the next day, it went down to its normal number of views. Still pretty cool, though. =)


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