1. keith hasse says:

    Here’s my opinion on parkour…. it is in fact a sport. Just like any sport it is somewhat dangerous. it requires training and is actually alot more fun to watch than most other sports. would u rather watch a guy throw a 95 mph fast ball to Fukodome for 2 hours or watch a man shimmy up the side of a builing and jump off the other side onto a rooftop of a smaller building in less than 10 seconds?

    1. crazycody says:

      its NOT a sport, its a lifestyle, but because of tv and competitions, it has almost lost the philosophy and the because of that, it has caused many problems for those who have lived it for years. people now see it on tv and everywhere and have no idea what there getting into. it is fun to watch. the videos, REAL videos show each specific movement with the flow and the idea is to open peoples minds the fear is optional, its not about risk, its about living in the moment, every step is carefully planned out and every movement is designed to keep us safe from falling or breaking bones bones. we make videos because its poetry in motion and thats how we love to exspress areselves.

  2. mike says:

    Amen to that. I personally am a tracuer and love the sport so the media can tell you what it thinks because there is a bigger feeling of freedom than any other sport ive ever seen.

  3. Jesse says:

    Parkour is much more of a discipline rather than a sport. I agree its much better to watch than a boring game of baseball or football, but I would much rather practice it than watch. The only time I’m watching is when I trying to learn a certain movement.

  4. East Coast Parkour Team says:

    Personaly our group loves parkour its not a sport its a lifestyle , yes it can get dangours but most people get the kick from the danger , atho i love it i feel that the point of parkour is turning in to comapition.

  5. Groxin (Traceur) says:

    Parkour its not a sport, sports have competition, u win or loose, in parkour u enjoy and thats all!
    And for who doesnt know this: “Safety First Allways”…

    1. Justin S. says:

      I completley Agree

  6. Bryan Powell says:


    Follow the link(or copy paste into your URL bar) and you’ll get a much better description of Parkour.

  7. I don’t believe parkour is a sport. In sports you win or you lose… Sports are competition… Parkour is against competition. I believe parkour is a discipline to help you do things the human body was never able to do without training. Don’t listen to idiots saying its a sport… forget the gossips and rumors about parkour. Ignore the world and do parkour without any worries… People think its stupid? I’d like to see them outrun their enemies or find a way out of danger… we’ll see who survives last…

    1. MikeB says:

      Base jumping is a sport, kayaking is a sport and there are so many more examples. You are competing against the human form in essence it doesn’t have anything to do with winning or losing. It’s extreme enough to be a sport.

    2. Justin S. says:

      No, When Would you find it nescessary to out run “danger”? I understand your Argument But we train to Run and be free not Steal and be chased. So Unfortunatley I have to disagree with your statment And argue that parkour is indeed a sport and not all sports need to involve competetion.

  8. Justin S. says:

    I Think Its Retarded for them to oppose parkour. This sport Is more of a self expression form of art. If anything it should more encouraged! They should put up parks for people to use! Parkour is something anyone could do and its absolutley Retarded for anyone to say its bad.

  9. Sean A. says:

    Parkour is a sport, its you against your mind and inticts take over most of the time. If anything people should stop criticizing us as we practice. They always think were going to get hurt and go after the land owners for money. PARKOUR IS AWSOME!!

  10. Andrew says:

    parkour is more than a sport, its an art form, the whole philosophy behind it makes it so.
    ive heard of it as “physical graffiti” and it really is, in a way, and like any physical activity, you can get injured, but unlike football, your injuries are entirerly dependent on you, as the tracour, if you think your pro and do something way above your level, its your fault, if you stick to your limits, you dont get hurt. in 2 years of practicing, the worst ive got is a few grazes, because ive developed a sense of what i can and cant do, just by looking at the obstacle, and after a while, even if you do fall, you have developed the reflexes and discipline to automatically pull yourself around, and land on your feet, something you cant learn in a book, so people dont believe its possible, but it is, it would have saved me my legs, and life, on several occasions.

    as for suing, if a soccer player trips on a tuft of grass in the field, breaking a leg, do they sue the owner? no, its up to the athlete to use the field, and not trip. a parkour field is just more up and down than a soccer field, but by using the area, you accept its layout.

  11. Sean says:

    Yes i agree with alot of you. I parkour alot, i have videos. Parkouring is all about taking risks but those risks shape how well you are at the sport. Even if you cant get them at that point, practice. Practice makes perfect. Its adrenaline rushing and it is alot of fun.

    1. justins says:

      no offense i dont think parkouring is a word

  12. storey says:

    parkour is simply amazing its the fastest way through any obsticle in your way you do with it what you please it is indeed a sport there is a competition but mainly with yourself and your limits

  13. justin S. says:

    I have been pracrticing parkour for over 7 years. And i find that there is nothing better than improving and watching others improve I keep getting back to this site it’s kinda weird

  14. Illinois PK says:

    Parkour isnt a sport. there are sports that involve parkour, but i think that parkour is really more of a skill. saying it’s a discipline is being way to metophorical. It’s dangerous and most of the time when people get hurt it is there own fault. And a parkour injury is alot more than just you’re average scrape on the knee. but practice makes perfect and if you never push yourself you’ll never know just how good you actually are.

  15. jacob luther says:

    i think that it is a very good great way of exrsicing… and it teaches many things such as balance, timing and dicipline

  16. mike says:

    forget all of u (unless u like parkour) im a parkourest and it is a sport but some (like me) do it just for fun

  17. Nick says:

    it a sport thers dangers in it…but thers dangers in all sports…hell thers dangers in swiming but i guess thts stupid to thers not a sport out the that isnt dangerous.
    granted parkour is a little more dangerous but with parkour u dont need and $120 skate board,a $40 bat or even a feild. you need a decent pair of shoes and a obstical. sure it dangerous but thats were the thrill is and parkour is more of a sport than anything out ther it requiers confidence athletic abillity and to commit your self to something

    1. nick, i completely agree, if its not a sport then why have they got shows of it like “ninja warrior”, “viking”or even “Cha$e” (http://www.syfy.com/chase/index.php)
      in the 500m dash or more…there run from A to B…in parkour, you can do the same thing…race!, but on buildings E.T.C…
      I’d rather watch a guy plummet off a building onto a smaller building that watch football (NOT SOCCER!) any day…
      I’d like to see football players do this, all they do is cry over a scraped knee…
      Pussys ¬¬.
      or any other sports player tbh..

    2. Xander says:

      i hand it you don’t need a lot for parkour however a decent pair of shoes – and i’m not talking about 30 euro nikes or something – will put a hole just as large in y’r wallet, if not larger then the aforementioned skateboard or bat it’s a choice off course but i hardly believe that buying a 40 or a 80 euro bat will make much difference in parkour the difference between a 20/30 euro pair of shoes vs. a pair of 80 + or so[ or more if y’r going ” pro” so to speak, saucony or other higher end shoes] that can literally be the factor that made you climb up that wall or make you slip and faceplant it. some things just get a lot better if you spend more money on it. compare it with mountainbiking on a downhill or stunttrack would you rather take the cheap 200 euro bike or save up more for that 1200 euro one with the much better equipment and suspension on it…….

      but aside from the shoes – which is definitely something you want to spend money on if y’r planning on going serious in parkour – all you realy need is a bit of knowledge of y’r environment [really that helps] good shirt that breathes and a set of pants that gives you all the freedom of movement you need [ and in this case it actually doesn’t really matter if you buy a 10 euro pair of trackpants or that 80 euro pair of trackpants that has the nike logo on it

      this is my view on things after about 3 years of practicing parkour putting it on a low due to work but still working out here and there in town

  18. Ray says:

    I saw this article and it made me mad. I run parkour myself and I have a ton of friends who run it too. I’ve always loved running and climbing stuff but when I heard about parkour, it just blew my mind. so for them to call something that many people call a lifestyle “stupid”, it’s just disresectful. I saw it so I had to comment on it. And parkour is very dangerous concidering we’re all only human and we all make mistakes. And parkour is a lot more of an adrenaline sport than any other sport. You can snap your leg in half, break your neck, smash your face on a wall, etc. Knowing this you need to be cautious of everything around you and try your best not to slip up. It’s way more dangerous than say, football or bullriding (if you can even call that a sport). So no FOX, parkour is not stupid. It’s an expression of yourself in a lot of ways.

  19. jake fuller says:

    Yes parkour is a sport and anyone that says other wise your the stupid ones take sky diving for intensive that’s a sport and all you do is just jump out of a plane why is that a sport then.

  20. Garrett Oden says:

    Parkour isn’t a sport! It’s based on a philosophy completely devoted to bettering one’s self mentally and physically. To make it a competition is to take that philosophy out of it and make it a sport for adrenaline junkies.

  21. Parkore DJ says:

    Parkour is not only a sport but a lifestyle. In order to do flips you must be very talented. Most people think Parkour is stupid, but if they had the chance to be one of the people that free runs. their life can possibly change forever.

  22. RECOVERY says:

    i like alot of your posts it is dangeres if your stupid with it but having shews that grip and comfterable cloths taking the time to learn every move ment and geting over the “fer” fo do ing a flip or jumping a big gap it takes time to know your liomits and practis to get beter and ppl do parkour for meny reasons some do it for fun some take it sereisly and make it or develop it in to a life style but it also changes the way you think on stuffso iv hered and yes i parkour alot but its not a life style yet ;b it is fun and it does give you a rush most of the time some times it is hared to fined spots to parkour but thats why we have serten moves for almost every thing parkour is the narural humen abilitys used and formed? to make valts and jumps and climing balince ect but i do live parkour but the main reason i came on here was to say F&@K you fox news you havent wached it done it or any thing so dont talk shit lol all you ppl(on fox news) do is judge and do stupid stuff just like every other politicks -_-freaking retards<3's to all the freeruners/ppl who parkour out there lol my groops name is recovery look us up on you tube bye ^_^

  23. RECOVERY says:

    ps. dont be stupid w parkour

  24. Julien Y. says:

    What I dont understand is why waste your time wondering if its a sport or debating on whether its a lifestyle or not. I do parkour and love every second of it. I do it because I enjoy doing it. I dont really care what parkour is to the outside world. Whether they want to call it a stupid sport or someone wants to call it their form of art I dont really care. The problem now is that everyone wants a part of it and that is bringing the wrong kinds of attention to us. Just like you see no skateboarding signs around, your going to start seeing “no parkour” not because it is an extremely dangerous sport or whatever but because idiots try to show off or think just because they saw it on youtube and people tell you it is possible, that they go and do something way past their skill level and injure themselves and sue. Parkour/free running is about expressing yourself just like how a basketball player expresses himself when he jukes left and crosses over to shoot a 3 pointer. It is what we do. Get used to it.

  25. Ali Lami says:

    parkour is a life in freedom world …but people they think its just movement which is not
    behind parkour there is something telling us (ur life is full of freedom)
    i learned from pk how to live and how to PASS my problems

  26. Kevin says:

    Parkour is often seen as abnormal, but what is abnormality? Normality is abnormality. We all know that we are all different, and express ourselves in different ways. So in reality, people who are the same are the ones who are abnormal. People put a negative connotation on things that they aren’t used to seeing. Especially when it is dangerous. What most people don’t realize is that parkour does not have to be dangerous. They see all of these videos on youtube of kids trying to show off with no experience and hurting themselves, but they don’t see the thousands of other individuals learning parkour from teachers in safe gyms and environments as a source of physical fitness and mental toughness. I do not practice parkour, I never have, but I can absolutely see how this activity/sport/art/lifestyle can assist people in their everyday lives (not only physically, but mentally) and I encourage individuals to continue expressing themselves however they feel fit (keeping in mind safety of themselves and others). Don’t be trapped in the judgement of others. Go ahead and be abnormal….after all, that’s what normal is.

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