Top 10 Essential Cydia Apps | The iPhone User Guide


Jailbreaking your iPhone allows you to install unauthorised apps that Apple have not yet allowed (for example unlocking or video recording).

Once you’ve jailbroken your iPhone you’ll notice a new app in your Springboard, called CYDIA. Cydia is the hackers version of the iTunes App Store. Once you open Cydia, you’ll be bombarded with the biggest list of apps EVER most of which are free. Whilst this is awesome, the sheer volume of apps makes it very hard to make educated choices on what apps to install, and it’s very easy to install totally useless apps and waste your time. So we’ve compiled a beginners guide to Cydia, 10 apps that will get you going with your jailbroken device and make your iPhone life easier and more useful in the process.

via Top 10 Essential Cydia Apps | The iPhone User Guide.


  1. Thomas Topan says:

    Pretty informative i might say so myself. I liked it and found another source of info take a look at riwoken.

  2. Nice! My favorites iare MX tube and MyWi

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