1. well,
    maybe because am Italian and I’m missing a full comprehension of the video but…Should I suppose you used 2TB as allocation for memory? Othewise I didn’t undestand the sense of you test and the Iperspeed Engine.
    Hard disks are for DATA storage,isn’t it? 1 or 24 is just a power supply overload,but speed comes from Processors and Memory handling….If you have allocated as phisical memory 2Tb on SSD…..let’say in the video…or not?
    In any case, a very funny machine!!!!!
    Nest step: 24 Processors with 24 SSD each…..ah,ah,ah…..and you’ll discover the property of “light speed”….let us know.

  2. Wow, that is a fast machine but is this similar to cluster computing? I have even heard of a cluster of PS3’s breaking 128 encryption like a supercomputer.

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