iTunes: Multiple Item Information Problem Fixed!

I was just having the strangest problem with iTunes 8 – the Multiple Item Information window was appearing blank when I’d try to Get Info on multiple items (like when trying to edit properties for an entire album). Luckily, the fix was pretty easy, though not nearly what I would have expected…

(Thanks to BonoChao for this wonderful tip!)

My other computer running WinXP has the same problem, and it’s due to “Direct Folder” that I installed.

  1. Right click on the “Direct Folder” task bar icon,
  2. select “Configure…”
  3. select “Applications” tab
  4. click on “Add”
  5. Browse for iTunes
  6. deselect “Enable resize….”
  7. click on “OK”

Then you’re done. Hope this solves your problem!

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Multiple Item Information – problem ….

26 thoughts on “iTunes: Multiple Item Information Problem Fixed!

  1. Thanks for this post. I would never found the fix before losing my sanity. Or after. How on earth did you connect iTunes with Direct Folders?

    1. I can’t even remember how I made the connection anymore, but it was a master concoction of Google search terms and a whole lotta luck I’m sure. 😉

  2. One more enthusiastic admirer – took me hours to find your place on the net, but the magic was instant – thanks a lot…

  3. Thank you very much. It was driving me nuts and it would have eaten hours of my day had you not popped up on google.

  4. I am experiencing a similar problem, but I am not familiar with Direct Folder. On most of my items in iTunes, the Get Info fields are greyed out. The only ones that are available are rating, start time and stop time. I thought that it might be read only settings on the files, but that did not work. I am running iTunes 8 on Vista. Any suggestions? I will appreciate any assistance that you can provide.

    1. @Andy, the first thing that comes to mind is a permissions issue – do you (or more importantly, the user that iTunes is running as) have full read/write access to your iTunes music folder and the files contained within? (This would also explain why rating/start/stop-time are available since I’m pretty sure that they’re just iTunes metadata stored within its own DB).

  5. Thank you for responding. Yes, I have full administrator permission on this PC. There is only one logon for the PC. I noted that some of the file folders were marked as read only and changed them. This fixed the issue for some of the items, but not others. The ones that will not be fixed do not have my user logon, but account unknown. I removed this from a file and added my logon. I then attempted to change it from read only, but the change would not take.

    My computer recently died. I store the files on a removable hard drive,so I purchased another computer and installed iTunes. Then replaced the database with the pre-crash database. Everything seemed to work fine until this issue. Do you know what I am doing incorrectly or have any other suggestions? Thanks again.

  6. I figured it out. It was the permissions, but I had to begin with the “my documents” folder. Thanks again.

  7. THANK YOU!!! I never would’ve expected it to be Direct Folders! I’m so glad I found this! Thanks a bunch

  8. Yet another satisfied customer! Kudos!!

    Amazing to see how common this is. You’d think it would affect maybe five people in the whole world.

  9. How do I find the Direct Folder in Windows Vista. I feel like an idiot but can’t find anywhere to configure on folders.

  10. I thought this was a bug in iTunes till I discovered this link. You are amazing.

    As some have mentioned above, I never thought this could be a conflict with any other application leave alone DirectFolders.

  11. Thanks so much for this solution! I don’t think I would have ever found it on my own. DirectFolders wasn’t even on my troubleshooting radar! 🙂

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