Open Camera RAW Files in Paint.NET!

Excellent collection of file type handlers and effects plugins for Paint.NET. Not the fastest ever at loading camera RAW images (takes about 5-8 seconds to load a CR2 from my Canon 30D), but it’s definitely helpful.

According to the website, it supports the following image types:

*.dcr DCR Digital Camera RAW Images
*.dng DNG Digital Camera RAW Images
*.eff EFF Digital Camera RAW Images
*.mrw MRW Digital Camera RAW Images
*.nef NEF Digital Camera RAW Images
*.orf ORF Digital Camera RAW Images
*.pef PEF Digital Camera RAW Images
*.raf RAF Digital Camera RAW Images
*.srf SRF Digital Camera RAW Images
*.X3F X3F Digital Camera RAW Images
*.crw CRW Digital Camera RAW Images
*.cr2 CR2 Digital Camera RAW Images

via Paint.NET – Megalo Effects & FileTypes Plugins


  1. 1poorguy says:

    I loaded the plugin, but when trying to open .nef it requests additional commandline arguments. Maybe I’m just blind, but I’m not finding any documentation anywhere that provides such arguments? Do you know where I can find that?

  2. willwm says:

    I wish I knew; I’ve only tried this with Canon RAW (.CR2/.CRW), not Nikon RAW (.NEF). Have you tried contacting the author of the plugin?

    1. Saurabh says:

      Hi, I downloaded and installed the pulgin but I am still not able to open .cr2 files using the software. I may be missing something but is there any documentation on how to open and work on .cr2 files after installing the plugin.


      1. tazbrainia says:

        try converting to dng via adobe free dng converter, not sure whether it’ll work, but it saved my butt when SRW Samsung raw weren’t supported in my HDR software


  3. Todd says:

    This doesn’t’ work for my cr2 raw picture from my Canon T2i. Make the pictures purple and black.

  4. Tanner Wood says:

    Thanks for the tip. These two plugin packs worked well for me.

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