PC Fastlane: Most Expensive Camera Lenses Ever

This list is awesome, but it leaves out the most expensive and largest camera lens I’ve seen, the Canon 5200mm f/14 lens, which is currently for sale on eBay

From PC Fastlane:


Expect to sell a few organs to afford this thing. Price at almost $12,000, the Canon EF 800mm is designed for the pros among us. It will be released in May 2008, it is meant for long-range photography like sports, wildlife, and nature. Don’t expect to use this thing without a tripod by the way. At over 10 pounds, it probably weighs more than your camera. Thankfully, Amazon has graceously included free shipping with the item.

(more here: http://www.pcfastlane.com/rants-raves/most-expensive-camera-lenses-ever/)


  1. Carl says:

    Now there is a lens. Image stabilization needed. This is a lunch where you bring your lunch, chair, tripod, and pick a good spot and let the wild life come to you.

  2. Andrei says:

    totally love this lens with the exception that i had to sell my liver to buy it

    Heather: yea totally worth it I had to sell a kid as well as my ovaries to afford this thing jk lol xd ud have to be crazy to buy this thing….

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