WordPress.com: How To Embed Video

With the exception of YouTube, I always keep forgetting how to embed video into a WordPress.com blog post (hint: it’s not the embed code). Here’s a handy little quick reference on how to embed video from different sources and how to embed other sorts of media:

What shortcodes does WordPress use?

[audio] converts a link to an mp3 file into an audio player. See full instructions here.

[caption] adds a caption to an image. See full instructions here.

[digg] embeds a voting button for your link on Digg. See full instructions here.

[flickr] embeds a Flickr video. See full instructions here.

[gallery] displays a thumbnail gallery of images attached to that post or page. See full instructions here.

embeds Google Maps. See full instructions here.

[googlevideo] embeds a Google Video. See full instructions here.

[livevideo] embeds a video from LiveVideo. See full instructions here.

[odeo] embeds an Odeo audio file. See full instructions here.

[podtech] embeds audio or video from the PodTech Network. See full instructions here.

[polldaddy] embeds a PollDaddy poll(use without the space). See full instructions here.

[redlasso] embeds a video from Redlasso. See full instructions here.

[rockyou] embeds a slideshow from RockYou. See full instructions here.

[slideshare] embeds a slideshow from Slideshare.net. See full instructions here.

[sourcecode] preserves the formatting of source code. See full instructions here.

[splashcast] embeds Splashcast media. See full instructions here.

[vimeo] embeds a Vimeo video. See full instructions here.

[youtube] embeds a YouTube video. See full instructions here.

Looks like it’s much more flexible than I thought, though it would still be easier just to support copy/paste of embed code (though, I understand why they don’t do it, for security reasons, etc.)

Update: For some reason, DailyMotion didn’t get included in this list, but you can find the instructions here:


  1. FlashInspired says:

    Good post. You can also embed videos and flash using vodpod.

    I’ve used it for YouTube and IgniteCAST.com videos.

  2. kokyjabn says:

    What about taking a video directly from Screenr.com?

  3. audiegrl says:

    I’m still having problems making the DIGG work, can you advise?

  4. audiegrl says:

    This is the error I get when following your digg instructions. Do you have another way to do this, or is the java code being blocked by wordpress? Any help you could offer will be appreciated. 🙂

    Digg.com Digg This Button Error\n\nThe code implemented by the creator of this page has the following problem:\n\nA Digg Permalink URL was detected; however, that item cannot be found on the website. Please check the URL provided.\n\nVisit http://digg.com/tools/integrate for more help in debugging.

  5. pilobolus says:

    Thanks for this info! This will help greatly…

    Also, do you know who to embed video if you don’t know what kind of video it is?

    I’m trying to embed this video into my wordpress.com blog.


  6. trisha @ okieOLIO says:

    same question as pilobolus, kinda…..i want to embed a tubechop video (tubechop.com)

  7. staples says:

    I’m trying to embed a video from the colbert report (colbertnation.com) onto my wordpress.com site. Is it possible?

  8. Thanks. Helped me a lot.

  9. oikeat says:

    Thanks !!! This is really helpful 😀

  10. zengrip says:

    I was trying to embed a video from studiofilmfest.com and I’m having no luck. Any suggestions?

  11. colmhogan says:

    hey.. anyone know how to embed from a new york times video?


    1. spiderlily says:

      search in your browser the “pageinformation” for “media” and there an embedded “object”. the NYT-url looks like:

      rightclick and copy it.

      paste the whole thing as the “a href=” between ” ” and add e.g. ‘rel=”vidbox” ‘ (of wordpress-plugin “Videobox v1.0”) or any other available wp-videoplugin’s link-relation-term before you close the bracket. you can add any pic from your wp-media library as “img scr” or any term of your choice instead of the url itself as the hyperlink to click on. that’s all.

      by this you will get a smooth overlay video-presentation.

  12. videostr says:

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    1) http://www.dailymotion.com
    2) http://www.izlesene.com
    3) http://www.videostr.com
    bu sitelere kolayca video yükleyip yada sitedeki videolardan, kendi sitenize embed yapabilirsiniz.

  13. Trying to embed a video from Wistia (http://wistia.com), any idea on how to do this?

  14. Aynce says:

    Sweet Lord, thank you! 🙂

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