Flickr: Explore Analog

My photographer friend (who is still a film purist, despite using a Canon 40D on the job) got a big kick out of this, and I have to admit, this is an awesome idea on Flickr’s part:

Explore Analog

One thought on “Flickr: Explore Analog

  1. Hi – I was trying to find out what this “explore analog” thing is. (I would have said “explore analogue” anyway, but obviously I can’t spell…) There are tons of links to it all over flickr, including on the main “explore” menu and they all (including the link you give above – you might want to look at that one) get redirected to which is not good. I emailed flickr with a report on a bad link, but they aren’t replying. The only discussion group I can find that’s “open” is on the “film fanciers’ guild” group – but I cannot accept their terms of membership so cannot join that group, and in any case I am into serious analogue photography, not lomo. Your screen shot here is about the only thing I have found out. Can you tell me what this “explore analog” thing is? Thanks! Richard

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