Lifehacker: Useful Firefox 3 Configuration Tweaks

Update: Here are some new tips for Firefox 3 on all platforms and some specific tips for Firefox 3 on Linux:


From Lifehacker:

Firefox 3 comes with several preferences baked into its options dialogs, but there are still a few you can only access by rolling up your sleeves and digging into its configuration manually. Power users have been diving under Firefox’s hood to get their browser to behave just how they like since version 0.9, but Firefox 3 offers some new settings that customize its new features. Let’s take a look at our favorite Firefox 3 about:config tweaks for customizing your browser.

What the heck is about:config? Firefox keeps its advanced settings in a giant configuration file in your Firefox directory, and even offers an advanced interface to edit that file in the browser itself. To make these changes, type about:config in Firefox’s address bar. You’ll get a half-joking, half-serious message about voiding Firefox’s warranty if you change any settings. Press the “I’ll be careful. I promise!” button (because you will be) and you’ll be on your way. Warning: Keep track of what settings you change where in about:config, because one false move can make your browser go loony. You’d do well to back up your Firefox profile first before proceeding.

Got all that? Onto the tweaks.

(continue reading at Useful Firefox 3 Configuration Tweaks)

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