Gmail: Temporary Error 502

Update: Were any of you using Google Labs for Gmail? If so, please leave a comment! I’m trying to get to the bottom of this myself. Thanks!

Update #2: Thanks to Flo, we have a link that should get you in for now: Also, according to Google Help, you may want to try to disable Google Labs if you have it enabled.

Has anyone out there seen this before? I’ve been seeing this more and more often lately…

Temporary Error 502

22 thoughts on “Gmail: Temporary Error 502

  1. I’m getting this for the first time today. Did some searching and I guess many users were without their gmail for 24 hours on August 6th and 7th. I hope I don’t have to wait that long. Very annoying…

  2. First time I’ve seen it was today. Since I reply on gmail for a lot of things this could have been much worse if it had happened during the day.

    Better get an IMAP mail server and get it synced so there’s a backup when it goes down again 😦

  3. Same here with Google for my domain! But works on my Blackberry. Thanks flo for the tip, it works! I’m guessing the Blackberry must use a similar switch.

  4. Hello everyone, I noticed that one of my gmail accounts wasn’t working at 6pm EDT and it’s back now, as of 6:40pm EDT. Hope yours starts working soon.

  5. temp error 502. Five hours with this now. I’m in Mexico. Maybe its time to use the automatic forward function to redirect all incoming mails to another webmail account, maybe mail2web… 😦

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