The Cameratruck Project

This is super cool – it’s essentially a pinhole camera, but on a gigantic scale…


The cameratruck works in exactly the same way as the first cameras ever made. These are called pinhole cameras.
They work according to these basic principles:
Light enters a sealed chamber through a tiny opening, and falls onto the opposite wall inside. Here it produces an inverted image of the world outside.
The first pinhole photograph was taken by Scottish scientist Sir David Brewster but the pinhole effect was observed by the Chinese philospher Mo Ti in 5 BC and also Aristotle in 4 BC.
The cameratruck uses this same principle only amplified thousands of times and with a lens added for sharper detail in the final shots. The cargo box of the truck becomes our sealed chamber, and the aperture is a small hole in one side.
As the light enters the truck, it falls onto giant sheets of photographic paper pinned to the opposite wall. This is how we are able to create our giant negatives, almost three metres wide.


  1. I love the pinhole truck! I’ve been dying to see it in person! As a pinhole photographer myself, I think it’s just so clever and so amazing!

  2. willwm says:

    Thanks for commenting! You’ve got some great pinhole shots on your website, by the way! =)

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