Canon EOS 5D Mark II…my next camera.

Update: New post, new information available here:
New Teaser Ad for Canon 5D Mark II, 50D compared.

From Gizmodo:

The calendar tells us that the 5D, Canon’s second best DSLR range, is due for a refresh. It comes from a message board, so take this with a grain of salt, but someone on DP Review forums has posted specs for a second generation 5D with the following changes: A modest 15.3MP up from 12.8MP, and a massive 2 stop bump in light sensitivity to 25600 ISO.

The cam will supposedly shoot at 6fps instead of 3, and will have dual Digic III processors instead of a single Digic II cpu. The AF system will use 29 points instead of 9, and it’ll have the same weather sealing as the topline 1Ds Mark III, as well as live view. The announcement is supposed to come on April 22nd, at $3500. That’s a lot of stat smather, but the bottom line is that Nikon’s D300 better watch its ass.

This is definitely going to be my next camera. I had been thinking about getting a 5D as an upgrade for my 30D for some time, but I’m willing to wait to see what happens with this one. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be priced as reasonably as the current 5D is now. =P



  1. murphmuurprop says:

    I must be honest! I think buck for buck you’re still better of with the D300. Add the MB-D10 grip and use the rest of the money for good glass!

    Just a thought.

    Murph Muurprop

  2. willwm says:

    The D300 does look like a very nice camera, but the features I’m looking for that are in the 5D Mark II are the full-frame sensor and the super-high ISO (up to ISO 25600), neither of which the D300 have.

    However, the D300’s 51-point AF is super impressive, and the 6400 ISO ain’t bad at all.

    In the Nikon line, though, I’d be more interested in the D3…it’s just too expensive for my blood! =P

  3. murphmuurprop says:

    100% Understandable! It is truly amazing what both the D300 and the D3 (a friend on the compound where we live here in Saudi got one) can achieve with the ISO’s even if pushed a bit! The quality amazes me every time. Would be very interesting to compare it to the 5D Mark II. I assume canon brought is out as competition for the D700…

    The D300’s 51 point AF is impressive as you say – and the “tracking” works good as well.

    At the end – preference. All good cameras!


  4. willwm says:

    Thanks again for your comments! =)

  5. jonathanjk says:

    murphmuurprop, I think you have it the wrong way round, the D700 is Nikon’s answer to the 5D, any successor to the 5D would have been 3 years in development anyway.

  6. Giorgio says:

    Sorry to be off-tpic 🙂

    where do you stay in SA?
    I’m spending about 50% of my time in SA, mostly in Jeddah, and it would be nice to get in touch with people sharing same interests.

  7. murphmuurprop says:


    We are living in Al-Khobar, as you know right on the other side of the country! LOL, pitty!

    Do you take a lot of pictures in Saudi?

    jonathanjk, Canon will always be in Nikon’s shadow… JOKE!

    We will stay in touch.

    Kind regards,

  8. jonathanjk says:


    I like Canon a lot but I use Olympus and Contax… I’m not rabid Canon fanboy! 🙂

  9. willwm says:

    @jonathanjk: Cool that you’re using Olympus and Contax. How do you like them? I haven’t heard about Contax in quite some time; looks like they’ve discontinued the brand…

  10. jonathanjk says:

    They have been discontinued. It is my first real Rangefinder, I say my first because I don’t think a Holga counts does it?

    I got it because of its ability to auto-focus and its quick and silent. The Olympus E420 is tiny as well (Contax G2 is bigger) and so far with the images I’ve produced I’m happy. I didn’t expect much from it which is the real trick to being happy with what you buy.

    Though I needed and did have to buy a fast prime lens for it (spoilt myself on Canon 50mm primes):), my kit lens and my zoom lens don’t open wider than f3.5 and f2.8. respectively.

  11. Peter says:

    some nice specs… hope not too expensive as then may as well buy the EOS 1d mark III. There are various rumours quoting different specs, but one thing i do know and that is i don’t want to pay for a HD movie mode that i will never use. Not even really fussed about live preview…

  12. ovidiusuteu says:

    It seem that Canon are finally ready to release the new 5D. I won’t believe until I see it :). I heard this for the last two years. I have been looking at a Canon but the D700 looked way more appealing so decided for the Nikon. I have been using the camera only for the last few weeks and I am amazed. More and more Canon users are switching to Nikon.

  13. Interesting comments on the EOS 5D. I have developed a review site focusing more on compact cameras but now expanding to DSLR’s. I would like to include a link to your site when I review the D5.
    Good write up.

  14. willwm says:

    Cool, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  15. Javier says:

    Hi everybody,

    Just searching the web I found your photo group here… I will be doing a trip to Jeddah soon.. business, but just for a week.
    Could anyone recomend a trusted placed to get a Canon EOS at good price?
    the model I am not sure yet but guess it is not that important to recomedn a place, i it?
    Thanks in advance!

  16. Erick says:

    No. 5D Mark II is not all it was rumored to be. Canon has the uncanny ability to make its cams feature-creeps. On paper they sound like phenomenal buys. But even the 5D mark II’s body is nothing compared to D300, the fps is still 3.9 instead of 6 as written in the article above, and despite the HD video (which is the ONLY thing that attracts me) it simply is NOT as good a camera as D300 let alone D700. Sorry Canon. Stop mollycoddling low-common-denominator photographers.

  17. Cassmeyer says:

    Hey great post, thanks for the informative point of view. Im going to checkout more of your posts and visit often.

  18. Hello everyone,

    I will be moving to Al Khobar by the end of the month, and I just want to know if there are any store for canon dslr (not the authorized dealer) and lens available there. The authorized canon dealers prices are really expensive, I have been to Riyadh and I know 3 stores there where you get a good deal for dslr and lens. I would appreciate if anyone could tell where to go for slr and lens.


  19. adams says:

    FOR SALE:Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21MP DSLR Camera

    Canon EOS 5D Mark II has a stunning 21.1-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor with DIGIC 4 Image Processor, a vast ISO Range of 100-6400, plus EOS technologies like Auto Lighting Optimizer and Peripheral Illumination Correction. It supports Live View shooting, Live View HD videos, and more.


    1 Canon EOS 5D Mark II Body
    1 Eyecup Eb
    1 (EW-EOS5DMKII) Wide Neck Strap
    1 (STV-250N) Stereo Video Cable
    1 (IFC-200U) USB Interface Cable IFC-200U
    1 (LC-E6) Battery Charger
    1 (LP-E6) Battery Pack
    1 EOS Digital Solution Disk
    1 Software Instruction Manual


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