41 Amazing Tilt-shift miniature faking photographs

So cool! Hard to believe that these are actually real photos of life-size objects!



From the post:

Believe it or not, all of these photos are of real life-size locations or objects. The technique of tilt-shift miniature faking makes the life-sized look like a miniature scale model. The process involves using Photoshop to fake a shallow depth of field and punching up the color saturation. The results are truly amazing. I’ve rounded up 41 of the best tilt-shift miniature faking photos around to inspire you. Below each group of photos will be the link to the creators Flickr page where you can view more of their great work. Stop by and show your appreciation with a kind comment.

(via http://digital-artist-toolbox.com/?p=24)


  1. KungKrille says:

    Yes, they are real life objects. You can achieve the effect by either buy a lens with tilt feature or manipulate your photos in Photoshop. There are many tutorials about that

  2. willwm says:

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Yeah its a top technique have tried it myself, its pretty cool! Nice examples dude!

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