Know Your DSLR: How to remove dust spots

Great article from about how to remove dust spots from your photos:

Spot Healing Tool
Spot Healing Tool

If you use a DSLR, sooner or later you’re going to find yourself swapping lenses – that kit lens that came with the camera isn’t going to do all the jobs all the time. That means, sooner or later, you’re going to find yourself facing a problem that photographers have faced since the advent of interchangeable lenses: dust.

Dust is a huge problem: it’s next to impossible to prevent, hard to get rid of and it ruins the best of shots. Many recent DSLRs have self-cleaning sensors to try to minimise the problem, and some can have custom dust maps created so that dust spots are removed in-camera, but knowing how to use the heal tool to get rid of those conspicuous dark spots is a must.

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  1. Adam Parker says:

    This article is a great tutorial on cleaning dusty pictures with photoshop. Changing lenses sure does risk your sensor, but it is unavoidable.

    I am a fan of the photoshop option combined with shooting at low f-stops. I put more cleaning options and shots here:

    Great job with your post, I’ll put a link over on my post, thanks.

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