Our PDX Network

I’m always a fan of Portland related things on the interwebs. Here’s a site I found today called “Our PDX Network” which looks like it’s worth a read, or at least a blog post. 😉

Yes, it’s another local Portland, Oregon group blog.


After all, can’t people subscribe to the local blogs they want to, creating their own personal patchwork quilt of voices? Can’t they network on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn – or in person at events run by the very cool Legion of Tech folks, for example? Aren’t there already enough local PDX group blogs out there?

Nope, there aren’t. Or maybe we’re just egotistical enough to think there’s room enough for our blog – alongside efforts by local print media like the Portland Mercury or Willamette Week, nestled up next to Portland is Awesome and Portland Food and Drink and Bike Portland and Silicon Florist and Blue Oregon and, yes – the Metroblogging Portlands of the world.

See, we read everyone else’s stuff. And we think you should, too. That’s why we’ll be talking about all of the other excellent local sites out there – telling you what you’ve missed, shooing you over to read their inside scoops instead of trying to regurgitate them ourselves. Talking up the activity on networks like Twitter, on events like Lunch 2.0.

But we’ll also be offering up our own unvarnished view of life in Portland – warts and all. We’ll be asking you for your opinion, your insights, and pointers to those sources you can’t live without (you can share them with us via our new Mag.nolia group, for starters.) Or we’ll be recounting conversations we might have had with you in person at the neighborhood farmer’s market, or at that evening meeting.

And since we come from a variety of backgrounds and don’t all share the same interests, we can promise you a slice of life you may not always see in your RSS reader or in your neighborhood.

In a nutshell? We’ll be interesting. Informative. Provocative. Collaborative. And, most importantly, interested in creating conversation. With you. (Yes, you.)

And if we’re not? Interesting and/or informative, or…

We’ll settle for pointing you over to something else that better meets your sensibilities…!

(via http://ourpdx.net/about/)


  1. Hey, thanks for dropping by & saying such nice things about us!

  2. willwm says:

    Thank you for stopping by as well!

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