Assembla: Free hosted SVN and more…

I’ve spent quite some time looking for a hosted Subversion repository that had a cheap or free trial option so that I could migrate my locally hosted repository (seems silly to host your repository on your own machine, doesn’t it?) to somewhere online.


Guess I wasn’t looking well enough, because today I (finally) stumbled upon a solution which meets all of my needs and more, Assembla.

If you’re looking for a place to host your development projects, I’d highly suggest Assembla, even if only for the *free* hosted Subversion repository which can be made private or public, unlike other free services which only offer public open-source hosting. Not that I’m knocking Sourceforge or Google Code, it’s just that I’m working on a consulting project that can’t be left out in the open (as I’m sure is the case with many of you out there as well).

Here’s a list of their plans (current as of this posting):


…and since you probably can’t read that without clicking on the expanded image, here’s the link to their pricing plans:

The array of development tools they have to offer is quite impressive, and I’m seriously considering upgrading to the Commercial plan ($12.50/month) to get more space.

Subversion, trac, git, mercurial

For what it’s worth,, if you’re listening – you should really consider offering (real) WebDAV support and/or Subversion through your API, because *that* would make your site the killer app I’ve been waiting/paying for.

Also, here’s another great post with information about Assembla:

…and they also have a great post about Subversion and how it works:


  1. C. G. Brown says:

    Hi, I would have sent this to you directly, but I didn’t see a way to e-mail you so I’m posting as a comment instead (feel free to delete after reading unless you think your readers may be interested).

    Please take a look at Starting at $2.50/month (annualized) for 1 GB, we have what we believe are the best prices in the industry. We’ve been doing this since 2003, so we aren’t newcomers. We’ve been partnering with a growing number of tools and companies such as Rally, FogBugz, and Basecamp to allow users to work with Subversion in a context that makes sense for them. Best of all, we have a 30 day no-risk trial, so if you’re not satisfied, just ask for your money back and you’ve got it.

  2. Kendra says:

    Hey, Kendra from here –

    I am curious to know any specific problems you ran into with our Webdav implementation?

    We are listening! And I’d like to work with you, we’d love to be the killer site you’ve been looking for;)

    Take good care and shoot me a note when you have a moment,


  3. willwm says:


    Man, you guys are awesome! Thanks for reading my blog!

    In regard to your question, I couldn’t get your WebDAV connection to allow me to upload files to, only to retrieve them from my files. Maybe I missed something in the connection steps? (Also, it was really hard to find the directions to set up WebDAV in the first place – you guys should really advertise that, since mounting my as a “shared drive” via Web Folders in Windows would be super awesome!)

    In regard to SVN, man, if you guys could implement a hook into my files that I could use with Subversion, that would be the best thing ever. Thanks again! =)

  4. john mccaffrey says:

    Assembla looks like a decent solution, but they no longer offer the free account as private, its public only

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