[C#] Open webform in new browser window from C# codebehind page

Found a great little snip of code online today from csharphelp.com about how to open a new browser window from a C# codebehind:

Response.Write("<SCRIPT language=javascript>var w=window.open('Rpt_OrderStatus_Form.aspx','OrderStatus','height=800,width=800');</SCRIPT>");

…but, one of the comments on that thread is that the Response.Write disrupts the page appearance. Any thoughts/suggestions on a better way to open a new browser window from a C# codebehind?


  1. John says:

    Try this:

    ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript( this.GetType(), “PopupWindow”, “var w=window.open(‘Rpt_OrderStatus_Form.aspx’,’OrderStatus’,’height=800,width=800′);” );

  2. willwm says:

    Oh, nice! Thanks! 🙂

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