digital Photography School: HDR Photography – What Do You Think About It?

Great article from digital Photography School about HDR photography:


There are numerous discussion on HOW to make HDR images in our forums but one recurring discussion that I’m seeing around the web is over whether it’s a form of photography that people like. Some people love the effect and others hate it. Some say it’s not ‘pure’ photography others ask what pure photography really is? Some call it ‘fake’ and others see it as a thing of beauty.

I thought it’d make an interesting discussion. Do you like HDR images? What do you like or dislike about them?

(via digital Photography School: HDR Photography – What Do You Think About It?)


  1. will says:

    This is an amazing HDR picture!

  2. Stephen says:

    Great picture. I can see why some see HDR as “not pure” due to the need for a computer and its involvment. However, in the past developing film in different ways to create different results, took skill and imagination. Creating HDR images requires the same skill, knowledge and most importantly imagination. Personally any image created via a camera is photography and those who are willing to break the norm should be welcomed!!!

  3. rashard says:

    I like HDR images that are NOT over processed, the key is having a good photo to HDR to start with. People sometimes forget how HDR can get ugly really fast when the colors begin to clash and look unnatural.

    1. annemiekschout says:

      I agree with you Rashard. In my opinion, it still needs to look a bit realistic. I love this pic by the way!!

  4. ramoncito17 says:

    I first encountered HDR when I saw an article in the New York Times online site about it. At that time, I found it very amazing, the pictures reminded me of the images in oil paintings. However in itself, the images look unreal. My preference is to use HDR in conjunction with conventional photographs where I can use HDR give more detail in shadows or highlights of the photograph rather use the HDR program’s output on its own so that the result is a more realistic rendition of the photograph.

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