Firefox 3 / Ubuntu 8.04 – Large Fonts Fix

Update: Here’s a list of more tips for Firefox 3 on Linux, including how to make your bookmarks toolbar text smaller, and remove the down arrows from bookmarks folders! Super Awesome Firefox 3 Tips! (Linux)

For those of you seeing strange and unreasonably large font sizes in Firefox 3 on Ubuntu 8.04, try setting the “layout.css.dpi” (via about:config) to 72 or 96. Either of those values should set all fonts to a reasonable size.

Ubuntu Forums, via


  1. Steph says:

    Thanks! This fixed it

  2. willwm says:

    Glad to hear it! =)

  3. Rob says:

    Thank you so much for this, fixed my problem straight away! I just set the dpi to 96 like my system is set to and worked a treat.


  4. Finally… you saved my day.

  5. Linux User says:

    this worked great! thanks again!!!

  6. willwm says:

    Thanks everyone! =)

  7. HojPoj says:

    This solution did not solve my problem!

    Er, well, it might but for some reason I am unable to change the value. The number is automatically set at “-1” and no matter what integer I change it to, positive or negative, it reverts straight-away back to -1.

    Please help. The fonts only appear large on some sites, usually the header.

    I also have a problem that, on log-in, the characters are so huge they’re bigger than the login and password box.

  8. HojPoj says:

    Actually this did fix it. Thanks a lot!
    I didn’t realize all other tabs had to be closed.
    Also, on mine it looks better set to 120; I’m using a 24″ HDTV as my monitor.

    I still have the problem of super-huge fonts at the login screen. Any suggestions?
    I’m running Ubuntu 8.04.

  9. rick says:

    TONS of thanks for this tip

  10. willwm says:

    Thank you all again for your comments on this post!

    @HojPoj – I had that problem too with the huge fonts on the login screen, but only at pretty high resolutions (I think Ubuntu is assuming that it’s compensating for super-tiny fonts on a tiny high-res screen). Which resolution are you seeing these huge fonts at?

  11. willwm says:

    @HojPoj: Oh, I just thought of something; did you check the Gnome Appearance Properties, under the Font section? There should be an option to change your X server DPI there…

  12. Derek says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you
    Been looking for that setting for so long

  13. suman says:

    Thanks! It worked for me….its Mandriva linux…

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