GooSync – Nokia N73 Configuration

Here’s a post I found at the GooSync forum about how to manually configure GooSync on a Nokia N73, which should also work the same way on the Nokia N95:

To manually configure your Nokia N73 device please use the following steps.

  1. Open the main menu
  2. Locate and open the Synchronisation application by selecting Menu then Tools
  3. Select the Options menu and select the New sync profile option
  4. Provide this profile with a name
  5. Select Applications and then the Calendar option
  6. Set the Include in sync option to Yes
  7. Provide a Remote database name of Calendar
  8. Leave the Synchronisation type set to Normal
  9. Return to Applications and select the Contacts option (only for Premium accounts)
  10. Set the Include in sync option to Yes
  11. Provide a Remote database name of Contacts
  12. Leave the Synchronisation type set to Normal
  13. Return to the sync profile menu and select Connection settings
  14. Enter the settings as shown below:
  • Server version: Ensure this is set to 1.2
  • Server ID: Leave this blank, this will be provided by the GooSync server during the first sync
  • Data bearer: Set this to Internet
  • Access point: Select the required access point for your mobile device account
  • Host address: Set this to
  • Port: Leave this set to 80 for standard connection or 443 for SSL connections
  • User name: Set this to your GooSync username
  • Password: Set this to your GooSync password
  • Allow sync requests: Leave it set to Yes
  • Accept all sync reqs.: Leave this set to No
  • Network authentic.: Leave this set to No

In order to synchronise you need to highlight your sync profile from the Sync application and select the Synchronise option from the Options menu.
Please note: some users have reported that there may be a bug in the URL retrieval algorithm of certain devices. Because of this we recommend that you enter the trailing ‘/’ character at the end of the sync server URL.

(via GooSync Forums)


  1. tera baap says:

    gandu ka bacha configuration bol kar kya dikha raha hai

  2. unibet says:

    I did exactly this for my N95 but I can’t figure out what the “Remote database name of Calendar”?
    Is this the name of my google Calendar? in this case it is my gmail account…
    Did I miss something?
    Anyway, thanks for your help.

  3. happygolucky says:

    Thank You!Thank You!Thank You! I have been looking all over for the complete guide to setting up Sync on my Nokia E71x. The “x” is missing from Goosync’s optional devices, and their manual configuration steps for the E71 are lacking some of the info you provided above. My first couple Sync attempts failed. I appreciate you!
    p.s. The remote database name of calendar is … “calendar”

  4. mohan says:

    This website is very useful to me to synchronise my phone to pc. Thanks a lot to d creator.

  5. how do you transfer it onto a samsung toco lite..

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