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e-Sushi has posted a new version of MiniBin after all! You can find the new version at (, or you can still download the old version ( below.

One of my favorite Windows utilities, MiniBin, has just been retired by its developer, so I’m creating a post here to make the download available after its binaries get pulled from the original website.

(Thanks to Mike Edward Moras for making such a great app!)

Details from

MiniBin is a free recycle bin for your Microsoft Windows system tray area; the area next to the clock in your taskbar.

Please note that the MiniBin project has ended. This means: no more updates and no more support. Yes, I know… but it had to end somewhere. MiniBin was first published in 2004 and enjoyed updates until 2012. As it’s bug-free and feature-complete in it’s current state, I decided it’s time to move on to new horizons.

For the time being, you can still download the final version of MiniBin, the recycle bin for your system. But this download will vanish into the void within the not so far future. So, get it while it’s still available!

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Editra: Setup as a Python IDE

I can’t believe that I had overlooked this application at first, but I’m glad that I finally started using it. So far, this is the best free Python IDE that I’ve found, and it’s a fantastic general text editor as well!


Editra as Python IDE

Here’s the official guide on how to set up Editra as a Python IDE:

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Probability Homework

Every day, I'm shuffling...

…doing it right. =)

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Keyboard Geekery, Part 2

Now that I’ve received the XArmor U9W keyboard that I mentioned in my last post, and had a chance to use it for about a week, I thought I’d post a follow-up review for anyone who might be interested. =)

(FWIW, I’ve added this review to the product page on Amazon as well.)


I’ve been drooling over the Das Keyboard Model S Professional Silent Keyboard for a while (and the original Model S Ultimate, before that), but I wanted to find something a little smaller, and wireless. The XArmor U9W totally fits that bill, and I love it. =)


  • Cherry MX Brown keyswitches
    (I’d love to see this model with the Blues, but my coworkers appreciate that I picked a keyboard with the browns instead, and the feel is just as good, IMO.)
  • Relatively compact size
  • Solid feel
  • Wrist-rest included is quite nice
  • Itty-bitty USB wireless receiver
  • Solid signal (haven’t had a missed/dropped key yet)


  • The mini-USB cable included only provides power, but doesn’t charge the batteries or carry any data. (Not really a big deal, since the point of this keyboard is to be wireless anyway)
  • The transmit (Tx) light that flashes every time you press a key. (I think I might just put some electrical tape over it, since there’s no way to turn it off)
  • The Num Lock light turns off when the keyboard goes to sleep (Again, might just put electrical tape over the whole lighting area and use on-screen notifcations instead.)
  • No USB ports included (Not really a con, but notable in comparison to the wired Das Keyboard).

If you’re looking for a great, (relatively) inexpensive, and wireless alternative to the Das Keyboard Model S Professional Silent, this is it. I’m very happy with my purchase. =)

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Keyboard Geekery

Ok, I’m hooked. I’ve been using the Kinesis Advantage at work for a couple days now, and both my typing speed and accuracy have improved.

As much as I love this keyboard, I can’t quite justify the price ($299), but I’ve been really wanting to get a keyboard with mechanical (clicky) switches for a long time, and I finally found a good compromise.

A huge part of the appeal of the Kinesis keyboard to me is the feel of the keyswitches, which happen to be Cherry MX Browns. I had looked in to getting the Das Keyboard S Ultimate Silent, which has the same keyswitches, but wanted to get something less expensive, and preferably wireless.

It just so happens that there is exactly *one* keyboard that meets those criteria, the X-Armor U9W, which I just picked up on Amazon. 


If you’re interested, here’s a link to the product page on Amazon:

…and here’s what it sounds like:
(same switches, different keyboard)
Yep, I’m a *huge* geek. =)

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The Best Time Tracking App for Windows

This looks pretty fantastic. Do you have any suggestions for time tracking apps – for Windows, Mac, or Linux? I’ve had great luck with RescueTime, but I can definitely use something like Klok for tracking time on consulting projects manually.

The Best Time Tracking App for Windows

There are a number of different ways to track your work time, but for the majority of people, something like the free, cross-platform Klok is perfect for managing your workday, seeing how long your projects take, and tracking how you spend your time.

via The Best Time Tracking App for Windows.

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