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New Feature: Select Multiple Lines in Your WorkFlowy Lists

Originally posted on WorkFlowy Blog:
You can now select multiple items in WorkFlowy. This is one of the most exciting features we’ve released in a long time. For new users, it should just feel obvious, it should clearly work this…

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iTunes Crashes on Windows 8.1

iTunes Crashes on Windows 8.1 Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here! =P Anyway, I just stumbled upon this fix for iTunes crashing almost immediately after launch on Windows 8.1 (might be triggered by launching the iTunes

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RIP Google Reader

“… We understand you may not agree with this decision, but we hope you’ll come to love these alternatives as much as you loved Reader.”

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Originally posted on Hackaday:
For Christmas, [Lior] received a Baofeng UV5R radio. He didn’t have an amateur radio license, so he decided to use it as a police scanner. Since the schematics were available, he cracked it open and hacked it. This…

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Apple PowerBook 170

Apple PowerBook 170, a set on Flickr. The second acquisition of my recently established vintage computer collection is an Apple PowerBook 170, donated to me by a coworker. The original power supply was shot, and the NiCd battery had leaked,

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Apple IIgs

Apple IIgs, a set on Flickr. Inspired by The Byte Cellar (, I’ve just started building my vintage computer collection, starting with the Apple IIgs. As you can see by the photos in the set, it is in remarkably good

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Originally posted on Hackaday:
Evern wanted to write your own Atari 2600 games? This won’t get you quite that far, but it will teach you the very basics. It’s an assembly tutorial for the 6502 processor. The nice thing is…

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