Speed up Visual Studio – EPiServer Labs

Great tips on how to speed up Visual Studio 2008! Combine this with the hotfix and SP1, and…it’s almost as fast as Visual Studio 2005. ;-)

  1. Turn off validation
  2. Turn off the Navigation Bar
  3. Show Live Semantic Errors
  4. Track changes
  5. Animate environment tools
  6. Compile for the correct platform
  7. Speed up debugging by removing breakpoints
  8. Formatting XML for easy diff

Find out all the details at the original post: Speed up Visual Studio – EPiServer Labs.

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2 comments on “Speed up Visual Studio – EPiServer Labs
  1. […] list of speed updates you can try after you’ve installed Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1: Speed up Visual Studio – EPiServer Labs Super Update: (Aug. 25, 2008) Here’s another post I’ve compiled with a link to download […]

  2. francis says:

    recently my vs2008 was taking hell lot of a time building windows mobile application though i thought it was the problem of Computer than i came to know the vs was slow in building due to Platformverification was on we can make vs fly by skipping it

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